Clinical Range - Accessories

Mixing Pad

Description: Maarc Mixing Pads are made of coated paper.

Dimensions: W 60mm x L 60mm & W 75mm x L 146mm.

PackingProduct Code
Mixing Pad Small (1N x 50 Sheets)8004/001/S
Mixing Pad Big (1N x 50 Sheets)8004/001/B

Properties & Advantages:

  • High quality mixing pad.
  • Easy tear-off disposable coated sheets.
  • Liquid impermeable surface.
  • Smooth finished surface.
  • These mixing pads does not let the dental materials adhere on to their surface.

Intended Use:

  • To be used for kneading or mixing of dental materials.

Lubri Spray

All purpose Handpiece Lubricant Spray for maintenance of all dental handpieces including highspeed, slow speed and air motors.

PackingProduct Code
600 ml Can + Nozzle5506 / 600
150 ml Can + Nozzle5506 / 150

Indications: Highly effective lubrication for all high and slow-speed dental rotary handpieces. Lubri Spray contains an anti-rust agent that prevents micro rust on inner bearings. High penetrative ability to ensure thorough coating of bearing surface. Each can contain a high volume pressure to provide maximum bearing rotation during oiling. High internal pressure of 70+Psi (4.8atm) at 20ºC. Cans are compatible with the most renowned brands. Clear in colour.

Directions for use: Insert into the back of the handpiece and spray through for one to two seconds immediately after each use and before sterilization. Wipe excess spray thoroughly.

Important: Hold can in a vertical position when in use. Refer to handpiece maintenance instructions where applicable.

Shelf life and storage:

  • Best before 24 months under proper storage.
  • Store at a temperature between 10°C to 30°C.

Arch Bar

Description: It is made of 316 grade SS suitable for rigid fixation, techniques in the dentate patient begin with fixation of the occlusion. This ensures that the patients maintain their preoperative occlusal status. There are several techniques to providing mandibulomaxillary fixation (MMF). Many surgeons agree that the gold standards in MMF is, the use of arch bars

PackingProduct Code
Arch bar 12 inch long5508/012

Intended use / Indications:

  • For temporary fragment stabilization in emergency cases before definitive treatment. As a tension band in combination with rigid internal fixation
  • For long-term fixation in conservative treatment
  • For fixation of avulsed teeth and alveolar crest fractures

Glass Beads

Description: A method used for sterilizing the working ends of endodontic files and reamers or small dental instrument tips by placing them in a container containing glass beads heated to approximately 225°C (437°F) for a defined period of time

PackingProduct Code
Glass Beads 200 g5503 / 200

Relief Wax for Ortho

Instructions for use:

Whether you’re protecting your gums from new braces or sticking down a piece of protruding wire,
the procedure for applying dental wax is the same:

  • Wash your hands.
  • Brush your teeth where you want to apply the wax.
  • Pinch off a piece of wax about the size of a small pea.
  • Squeeze until it softens and roll it into a ball, then flatten the ball slightly.
  • Gently push the wax onto the problem area of the braces.

Properties & Advantages:

  • Relief Wax consist of a medical grade silicone for temporary relief from appliance irritation.
  • This patient relief wax lasts longer and is easier to use than ordinary orthodontic waxes.
  • It is clear and waterproof and stays on the bracket longer for greater patient relief.

Shelf life and storage:

  • Best before 24 months under proper storage

Angular Alcohol / Spirit Lamp

Description: Lamp can be used upright or tilted position to various angles for applying heat in right spots.

PackingProduct Code
1 Pc5505/G/001

Intended use / Indications: Lamp can be used upright or tilted position to various angles for applying heat in right spots.

Properties & Advantages:

  • Unique hexagonal shape
  • With flame control and gas exit points
  • Lamp can be used upright or tilted position to various angles for applying heat in right spots.

Carding Wax / Teeth Wax

PackingProduct Code
100 g2804/100

We manufacture two types of carding wax for Pouring and for Extrusion.

Properties & Advantages:

  • Both the waxes are very stable at temperature from 12ºC to 40ºC.
  • Pouring waxes are suitable for automatic machines for tray filling.
  • Wax firmly holds the teeth and while teeth is pulled negligible amount of wax comes along with it.
  • Teeth can be re-adhere gaining similar strength

Shelf life and storage:

  • Best before 60 months under proper storage.